“A Women’s Alternative Asset Management”



AWAAM Consulting LLC is a DIFC registered company based in Dubai, UAE, that provides bespoke wealth management advisory services to high net worth women.


*In BlackRock’s 2014 Investor Pulse survey, only 38% of women described themselves as in control of their financial future, compared with 55% of men. Due to lack of confidence, rigid gender roles, this gap needs to be addressed.


*According to a Financial Times article dated September 17, 2015, Funds that women own or run have beaten the industry average on a one-year, three-year and five-year view, according to figures put out by Hedge Fund Research (HFR), an index provider. Going back to 2007, to take in a full market cycle, and the funds have returned 59 percent against average returns of 37 percent.


*Psychology of trading –  women don’t chase investments they do not understand, not due to risk aversion, but because of more prudent risk management.


*Women view risk differently. They need a product they can invest in that provides them with liquidity, consistent and stable returns growing slowly over time to meet their future needs.


AWAAM’s goal is to provide women with a platform they can seek guidance from and invest safely in to secure their future.


Capital preservation and wealth optimisation is the prime focus.


For more details, please contact maleeha.bengali@awaam.ae.