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Growth vs. Value – Can Cheap Get Cheaper?

Posted on July 17, 2020

When one charts the outperformance of Growth stocks vs. Value stocks, it is tempting for any portfolio manager to try and call the unwind of that trade to truly make a name for themselves, but it is a daunting venture and one that can force you to say goodbye to your career as well. To time the turning point of this trade is extremely hard; every time the market gets a bit of an unwind, it tends to get excited asking “is this it?”...

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Oil: Mysteries of the Oil ETF unravelled

Posted on April 13, 2020

  Oil prices have fallen 60%+ from the highs of this year, then rallied 40% from its lows a week ago on back of President Trump trying to engineer a deal between Saudi Arabia and Russia, compelling them to call off their “silly” price war. Driven by greed and FOMO, all this volatility has retail investors once again eyeing the Oil market, asking the age old question: “How can I go long Oil?”   The best and...

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Hey Fed: The Market is ALWAYS Right!

Posted on March 18, 2020

It seems that the central bankers and monetary academics of the past century had a better grasp of our monetary system than the empty suits that run our central banks today. They have a set of tools and things done in the past, and when all hell breaks loose, they don’t know what else to do but follow the playbook of the past one by one, hoping to solve the problem. Today, Fed Powell and Steve Mnuchin, rather than understand the problem...

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